Fishertown, PA


Light & Sound Headquaters




When Chestnut Ridge Independent Fellowship Church wanted to upgrade their sound system, they called on Kris Schemm, President of Light & Sound Headquarters a Pittsburgh, PA based AV Company that specialize in houses of worship installations to provide the design and installation of their sanctuary. The church sanctuary is just over 94 feet long, and features two rows of seating in a wide placement. The service features a contemporary praise format, so the system needed to be able to reproduce the full spectrum of music while remaining intelligible for the spoken word. They were further restricted to using a single cabinet that would be aesthetically pleasing. After a bit of research, the design team suggested using the OAP Audio C-3.0. “I was excited to have the opportunity to use a C-3.0,” says Brad Kinder, designer and installer at LSHQ. “We have used other models in the C-Series on previous installations, with great success, and we were looking forward to installing the C-3.0”.

The OAP C-3.0 features a 15” woofer with a coaxial driver and two lower horns. The OAP C-Series speaker line is ideal for churches because a single cabinet can provide so much. The C-Series speakers along with all OAP cabinets allow for décor matching, which is a key factor in church installations. It allows for low visual impact thus improving overall aesthetics. We were able to order our cabinet with a grill cloth that matched the interior of the church, while the wood portion was left unfinished and we stained it to match the ceiling.

The cabinet is designed with built-in rigging points, which makes flying the speaker a breeze. Once the speaker was in place, we popped out the bottom screen to aim the bottom horns. With the bottom panel out, you can easily loosen the horns with an Allen wrench to achieve the coverage you are looking for.

After the speaker was in place and the processing set, a CD was played for the Pastor, Mark Dillow to test the system. Mark was excited about the system and said “the system was “awesome” and couldn’t wait for Sunday to come.” Members of the church commented that they could not believe that much sound was coming from just one speaker, while others expressed their happiness over how well it matched the room.

“OAP is our main line for loudspeakers.” adds Kris Schemm. “We have tried the big guys out there but nothing comes close to the OAP line for the market we serve. The products are great, customer service is fantastic, and one phone call can get you in touch with the president and vice president of the company!”