12”LF,1”HF Asymmetric 110°x15°x45° Dual Horn Flyable 2-Way Co-Ax (FR)

The SL1-200 is an unique “solution oriented” Loudspeaker which bridges sound clarity and fidelity, and unparalleled pattern control with a venue aesthetic designed package that is also simple to install. The SL1-200 incorporates two superb geometrically designed and coaxially assembled asymmetrical horns with coverage parameters of 15 degrees in the upper vertical, 45 degrees in the lower vertical, and 110 degrees in the horizontal. The exceptionally designed and crafted HF horn is coupled to a 1” exit HF driver. A 12” transducer is coupled to a mid frequency asymmetrical horn. These horn driver assemblies deliver energy where it’s precisely required – to the audience. The mid and hi frequency horns and drivers are controlled by an internal passive crossover. A 16 gauge steel grill or an optional decorative cloth grill and frame are available on this cabinet.


For structural integrity ¾” void free birch veneer plywood is used. Top and side panels are internally reinforced with “steel” angle braces making the cabinet structurally engineered for flying. In addition all joints are reinforced with internal wood bracing both glued and cross-nailed in place.

SL-200 Application

The SL1-200 is a two-way passive Loudspeaker that uses a 12” woofer and a 1“ high frequency driver coaxially mounted in asymmetrical horns (110 degree horizontal x 15 degree upper vertical x 45 degree lower vertical). The SL1-200 should be used whenever high intelligibility and maximum pattern control is needed for speech and music sound reinforcement. The SL1-200 can be used alone but works excellently when additional low frequency is added either with the uniquely designed SL1-118 flyable subwoofer, or a floor positioned OAP SFT-115, OAP LF-115, OAP LF-118, OAP TR-215 or OAP TR-218.





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