15”LF,1.4”HF 60°x40° Flyable Co-Ax + Dual 1”HF 90°x60° adj. Nearfield Horn (FR)

The C-3A is a unique solution to the problems encountered when installing a compact, attractive cluster while still providing intelligible sound coverage. Because of the seating arrangements of most churches and auditoriums, more than one horn is necessary to cover near and far field seating on the same plane. With balcony seating, coverage is even more difficult. When seating layout dictates multiple horns, the C-Series solves installation and adjustment problems by incorporating a low-frequency transducer with a coax mounted constant dispersion horn for far-field coverage. Near-field coverage is handled by 2 additional horns, both swivel mounted and capable of 120° of vertical adjustment and a full 360° of horizontal adjustment.

For structural integrity, 3/4″ void-free birch plywood is used. Construction of the cabinet consist of dado joints throughout, with 3/4″ x 1″ hardwood bracing glued and cross nailed in the length of every joint. In addition to the 3/16″ thick steel plates that are securely fastened to the fly-points, a threaded rod is used to interconnect the top and inside bottom of the enclosure. All of these features are incorporated into a one-box flyable speaker system. Because of the trapezoid shape and top mounted fly-points, multiple C-Series systems can be flown together in applications where wider coverage angles or higher spl are required.

C-3A Application

The C-3A is a 2-way passive (FR) device using a 15″ woofer with a 60° x 40°, 1.4″ exit horn and a coaxially mounted driver. This coax supplies low frequencies as well as far field high frequency reproduction. The near field high frequencies are handled by two swivel mounted 90° x 60°, 1″ exit horn and driver. Each horn and driver has its own L-pad for individual attenuation. As an option, the C-3A may be bi-amped. Standard configuration has the three drivers wired parallel with an L-pad for each driver. The C-3A may also be wired with separate input for each component (1 woofer, 3 drivers, no L-pads) for “4-way” bi-amp operation. The C-3A may be used with subwoofers such as the OAP LF-118 or TR-218 if additional low frequency is required.





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