12”LF, 6.5”MF,1”HF Dome Point-Source Flyable Co-Ax Low Profile 3-Way Ceiling Sys.(FR)

The CH1-1000 (“Ceiling Hugger”) is the most recent addition to the OAP Contractor Series of loudspeakers and is designed specifically for use in “low ceiling” applications. This “sleek” packaged – high output loudspeaker system performs best in situations where the audio system designer needs to provide for: “point source” directivity; full range capability that must include both speech and music; exceptional system clarity and fidelity; architectural styling (where the loudspeaker needs to blend / if not disappear into the ceiling); simplicity of installation.

Specific to the overall development of this speaker system is the powerful three-way crossover network incorporated in the system's design, and the exceptional attention given to wave pattern control and behavior via the cabinet's architecture. The low frequency 12″ cast frame transducer is network managed to 220 Hz. The mid range 6 1/2″ cone device functions perfectly in the frequency range, assisted via the network card, from 220 Hz to 2500 Hz and provides for the exceptional speech reproduction qualities of the loudspeaker. Additionally, the time coherent high frequency tweeter controls all frequencies over 2500 Hz. While the mid range uses the ceiling structure for a coupler and a mechanism to manage frequency behavior; the high frequency waves are coupled and controlled by a deflection fin that has been incorporated in the cabinet. Both of these deflection surfaces (ceiling and fin) are geometrically coordinated with the angle in which the coaxial mid – hi device is mounted in the baffle of the cabinetry. Uniquely positioned, the low frequency device fires straight down but because the frequency range is below 250 Hz the device functions strategically as a woofer producing it's broad wave bands, while guarding against any potential feedback issues. The final result of this highly innovative and successfully engineered system is the provision to achieve exceptional pattern control and broad dispersion of all frequency ranges to the intended audience.

This unique system with it's handsomely styled “stealth” cabinet has as an additional benefit a very simple installation procedure. The unit is highly adaptable and easily installed in all low ceiling environments and because one device can easily control an area 50' wide by 60' long it has the capability to conservatively replace 20 to 25 ceiling speakers. The “hugger” with it's great pattern control, excellent behavioral characteristics through all relevant frequencies; unique styling; and simplistic installation capabilities is a solution “ready to happen”.




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