10”LF,1”HF 90°x90° Horn (FR) Portable Stage Monitor

The CM – 110 is a simplistically styled, very compact, low profile, high SPL Floor Monitor speaker systems; and was specifically designed as an economic solution for houses of worship and stage production applications. The CM-110 is equally adept in both vocal reproduction and/or instrument reproduction monitoring. A 10″ 300 watt woofer handles low frequencies. The high frequencies are reproduced by a 90-degree by 90-degree constant dispersion horn and driver combination. The cabinet offers two positioning angles: the low profile angle is 30-degree; the higher profile angle is 60-degree. The CM -110 is a full range (passive) monitor. The unit comes standard with a black textured enamel finish; black powder coated steel grill; and 1/4″ jack inputs.





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