Dual15”Neo-LF,10”MF60°x40°,2”HF60°x40°Flyable Concert ProAx Sys.(Tri-Amp)

Concert Pro-Ax

The CPX-1250 CONCERT PRO-AX is an arrayable and flyable three-way trapezoid speaker system. The heart of the system is the horn-loaded coaxial mid-hi section. A 4-inch voice coil 300-watt 10-inch transducer is used for the band of frequencies from150 Hz to 1,250 Hz. High frequencies are reproduced by a 2-inch throat with 3-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver. The horn is a constant dispersion design with a 60-degree x 40-degree pattern. This combination gives a frequency response from 1,250 Hz to18,000 Hz. Because of the coincidental alignment of the mid and high frequencies, the Pro-Ax section effectively reproduces the frequencies from 150 Hz to 18,000 Hz as a true point source device. Because of the horn loading, the Pro-Ax section gives high efficiency and pattern control in the frequency range it covers. The design is so unique that Dr. Eugene Patronis of the Georgia Institute of Technology was awarded a patent on the design on April 2, 1991. This design is based on that patent.




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