10”LF,1”HF 100°Conical Co-Ax Flyable (FR)

The OAP Audio CX-10 incorporates a ten-inch coaxial speaker in a properly tuned enclosure measuring only 14″H x 15.625″W x 13″D and weighing only 32 lbs. Frequency response is 80 hz. to 15,000 hz. with power handling of 150 watts RMS. The high frequency device uses a phenolic diaphragm and has a dispersion of 100° conical. The ten-inch woofer is cast frame with 60 oz. magnet and utilizes a two-inch voice coil on a kapton former. A 12 db per octave passive crossover network is provided for frequency division. the CX-10 is constructed of 3/4 inch birch plywood




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