18”Neo-LF Hi-Performance Bass Reflex Portable Subwoofer 1200 Watt

The LF-118 is a 1200-watt low frequency speaker system utilizing an 18″ transducer. Designed for fixed or portable use, the LF-118 should be used when additional low frequencies are needed to augment mid-range, high- or full-range loudspeaker systems. It can be used for sound reinforcement, music playback systems and monitoring of musical instruments.

Structural integrity of the enclosure is insured by using 3/4″ void free birch plywood. All connecting surfaces are glued, T-nailed, and hardwood braced. For transport durability, all edges are rounded. The steel input panel is recessed, and the handles are integral to the enclosure. The LF-118 comes with an attractive and durable textured finish. The standard color is black, with gray, white and unfinished available. To protect the transducer, a 16-gauge epoxy coated carbon steel grill is used. An integral socket is installed in the top of the enclosure for mounting a 1.5″ pole between the LF-118 and several of our T-series of speaker systems.




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