Dual 4.5”LF, 1”HF 90°x90° “In-Stair” Nearfield 2-Way,16° (FR)

The Next Generation NF-241HP2 Enhanced for Superior Performance!

The latest enhancement to the NF-241HP2 further improves systems performance by utilizing “FRINGE FIELD MAXIMIZATION” in the Dual LF-Drivers. The enhanced Dual LF-Drivers have been optimized by incorporating a powerful 20-oz. Ferrite magnet together with a high energy Neodymium disc that redirects and focuses unproductive fringe magnetic fields back into the magnetic gap producing maximum flux density. The enclosure has a power handling rating of 150 watts peak program power; 96 db sensitivity measured at a 1 watt @ 1 meter; and a frequency response of 128Hz to 15Khz. This industry first solution is designed to mount into stair risers and/or stage fronts in houses of worship; auditoriums; classrooms; hotel lobby’s; or venues where “hideable” near field coverage is required and a small efficient full range loudspeaker is needed.




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