(3) 3.5”LF,1”HF 90°Conical Ultra Low-Profile “In-Stair” Nearfield,16Ω (FR)


The NF-331HP “Stair Riser” is the newest addition to the OAP Navigator Series line of loudspeakers. Being only 3½” tall the NF-331HP’s height is 1¼” less than the OAP industry first NF-241HP2 “Stair Riser” making it the ideal solution for those tight or height restricted situations. The NF-331HP utilities “FRINGE FIELD MAXIMIZATION” in the three LF-Drivers which have been optimized by incorporating two high energy 1 oz. Neodymium dics at the top and bottom of the circuit that redirects and focuses unproductive fringe magnetic fields back into the magnetic gap producing maximum flux density. The enclosure has a power handling rating of 100 watts peak program power; 95.4 db sensitivity measured at 1 watt @ 1 meter; and a frequency response of 250Hz to 20kHz. Optionally available is a steel back-box housing for pre-building construction speaker placement requirements.





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