NF- 80

8”LF, 1” Dome Twtr HF, Nearfield (FR)

The NF-80 is a bracket-mountable, two-way trapezoidal shaped loudspeaker system with an (NF-80 specific) integral passive crossover. The NF-80 is ideally suited for uses in houses of worship, boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants and lounges, sporting establishments, and retail establishments where a “low profile” loudspeaker system with superb sonic quality is required in a near field application. The low frequency spectrum of the NF-80 is handled by an 8″ direct radiator, while a 1″ dome tweeter extends high frequency performance. To achieve low crossover insertion Ioss and high reliability, 16 gauge wire and mylar capacitor are used throughout with all components mechanically secured to a glass epoxy PC board. The NF-80 enclosure is constructed of 3/4″ void free material with all interconnecting surfaces extensively nailed and glued. The input panel is recessed into the cabinet. The NF-80 uses an epoxy coated perforated grill for speaker component protection. Standard finish is black or white textured gloss enamel paint, with a weatherized package available as an option. The NF-80 also can be ordered with a multi-tap transformer. Like all OAP loudspeaker systems, the NF-80 comes with a five-year warranty.




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