Q-2200 SS

12”LF,1”HF 90°x40°, Flyable Trapezoid (FR)

Flyable trapezoid loudspeaker system with a 12” woofer and a 1” exit titanium diaphragm driver coupled to a 90 X 40° large format horn (60 X 40° LFH is optional). 2-Way passive crossover, fieldconvertible to active. Passive mode: 8 ohm, 300 watt program power. Active mode: 8 ohm LF, 300 watt program power and 16 ohm HF, 80 watt program power. Input, parallel NL4 and barrier strip. Fire retardant grill cloth, 4 colors available. Q-FIB, Q-bracketry, or FHK are required to fly this unit.





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