12”Asymmetrical Dual-Horn Flyable 2-Way Co-Ax, with Dual Adjustable Nearfield Horns

The SL1-200 DF is a two-way passive Loudspeaker that uses a 12” woofer and a 1“ high frequency drivers coaxially mounted in asymmetrical horns (110 degree horizontal x 15 degree upper vertical x 45 degree lower vertical). Two 90 degree H x 60 degree V horn and 1” exit driver assemblies (actively controlled) mounted to adjustable brackets for down fill coverage. The SL1-200 DF should be used whenever high intelligibility and maximum pattern control is needed for speech and music sound reinforcement. The SL1-200 DF can be used alone but works excellently when additional low frequency is added either with the uniquely designed SL1-118 flyable subwoofer, or a floor positioned OAP SFT-115, OAP LF-115, OAP LF-118, OAP TR-215 or OAP TR-218.




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