SM- 115

15”LF,1”HF 90°x40° Horn 2-Way Portable Stage Monitor (FR)

The SM-115 is a full range stage monitor capable of high spl for vocal or instrument monitoring. Low frequencies are reproduced by a fifteen-inch woofer capable of 400 watts program power. The high frequencies are reproduced by a horn and driver combination. The one-inch throat compression driver has a two-inch voice coil with a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm. The horn has a dispersion of 90×40-degrees. The SM-115 should be used whenever more low frequency response is needed than the SM-112. It can be used for vocal or instrument monitoring. The 35 and 55-degree angles offer flexibility monitoring the program source in areas such as stages in performance venues, as well as platform use in houses of worship.





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