SM- 183

18”Neo-LF,12”MF, 2”HF Co-Ax Drum / Keyboard 3-Way Stage Monitor (Tri-Amp)

Today's percussion and keyboard musicians are often challenged to compete on stage with high spl guitar and bass amplifiers. There has been a problem monitoring the wide frequency range of percussion and keyboard instruments. Several speaker systems are usually combined to monitor these instruments. To meet this challenge, OAP Audio has developed the SM-183. Using a massive 18-inch woofer loaded into a fourth order enclosure, the SM-183 reproduces the critical low frequencies of which kick drums and electronic keyboard instruments are capable. The mid and high frequencies are reproduced by a 600-watt 12-inch coaxial with 100-watt 2-inch throat compression driver. This point source approach has the advantage of much better phase response and gain before feedback when reproducing the wide frequency range of percussion and keyboard instruments, as well as vocals.






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