SM- 281

Dual 8”LF,1”HF 90°x60°Rotatable (or 110°Conical) Horn 2-Way Portable Stage Monitor (FR)

The SM-281 was developed for applications that required a low profile, high output stage monitor with remarkable sonic quality. The SM-281 stand less than 10″ high, which makes it ideally, suited for houses in houses of worship, boardrooms, classrooms, restaurants, lounges, and live stage application. The versatility of the SM-281 is demonstrated with optional handle for ease of movement; or when the enclosure uses the MB-822 mounting bracket allowing the SM-281 to be used in a host of near field application. The SM-281 incorporates two 8″ direct radiators that extends low frequencies and a 1″ throat mylar diaphragm driver coupled to a 90° x 90° constant dispersion rotateable horn that extends high frequencies. The SM-281 utilizes a specifically designed integrated crossover in order to provide a full range loudspeaker. The enclosure has a power handling of 325 watts continuos program power; 97.3 db sensitivity; and angles of 35 and 55 degrees.






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