T- 122 AS

The T-122AS is a flyable 2-Way passive trapezoid shaped loudspeaker designed for flyable installations. The low frequency spec- trum is handled by a cast frame 12” driver, while a 1” throat titanium diaphragm coupled to a Rotatable Asymmetrical high fre- quency horn with coverage parameters of 60    horizontal, 60    upper vertical, 110    lower vertical. To achieve low crossover in- sertion loss and high reliability, 14-gauge wire and mylar capacitors are used throughout with all components mechanically secured to a glass epoxy PC board. To ensure enclosure stability, 3/4” void-free birch plywood is used with all interconnecting surfaces extensively braced and glued.
The T-122AS is easily flyable vertically or horizontally via 12 fly points. Three on the top, three on the bottom, two on each side and two on the back facilitate horn up or horn down rigging. The T-122AS uses 3/8”x16 thread inserts installed at each of the 12 points for use with the optional VS8-FIB flying hardware. You must use at least two VS8-FIB to safely suspend the T- 122AS. For permanent installations, 3/8” x 16 thread drop-forged I-bolts (VS8-FIB) are available from the factory.

The T-122AS should be used when a compact high output full-range loudspeaker is needed for sound reinforcement and mu- sic playback installed sound. It can be a stand-alone system operated passively with frequency response down to 60 Hz. The T-122AS can also be used as a “Mid-Hi” section of an extended range system when used with low-frequency speakers such as the OAP Audio LF-118 or TR-218. The T-122AS can be flown vertically, horizontally, or suspended horn up or horn down using the optional rigging hardware. The T-122AS can be used in Houses of Worship, Live Theater, Lounges, Bars and Restaurants, Nightclubs, Schools, Airports, Spas, Boardrooms, and Convention Centers.





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