Dual 6.5”LF,1”HF 110°Conical Horn, Under Balcony Nearfield 2-Way  (FR)

The UBF-622 is a compact full range speaker system designed for applications where a high quality fill speaker is needed for sound reinforcement and music playback. The low frequencies are reproduced by dual 6.5″ transducers. The 6.5″ woofers have large 25 oz. magnets and 1.5″ voice coils for high efficiency. The pole piece is vented for cooling to give the UBF-622 power handling capability of 200 watts, The high frequencies are handled by our proven CD-1000 compression driver. The CD-1000 is a 1″ throat compression driver with a 2″ voice coil and 1.75″ titanium diaphragm. The CD-1000 compression driver is coupled to a 110° conical horn for wide coverage in short-throw fill applications. The UBF-622 comes standard with full L/C type passive network.




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