Dual 15”Neo-LF Hi-Perf. Bass Reflex, Flyable Line Array Subwoofer 2400Watt

The VS8-215 is a flyable and arrayable low frequency subwoofer. The OAP VS8-215 utilizes dual 15″ woofers that are mounted into the cabinet to assist in longer low frequency throws.

Additionally, the porting is horn loaded to reproduce warmer base responses. The VS8-215 has a power handling capability of 2800 watts program power; a system impedance of 4 ohms; a system sensitivity measured at 101 dB at 1w/1m; and an overall frequency response of 45 hz to 2 khz. The VS8-215 is designed to perform equally well as a stand-alone subwoofer, independently flown using an OAP specific external mounting bracket, or arrayed with other VS8-Series products.





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