VS8- 60

Dual 8”LF,Dual 4.5”MF,1”HF. 60° 2-Way (Bi-Amp)

Flyable Line Array System

The VS8-60 is a flyable and arrayable 2-Way (Bi-Amp) loudspeaker system. The OAP VS8-60 utilizes a 1″ extended high frequency driver mounted to a 60° OAP CNC machined wooden horn creating extremely natural sounding high frequency reproduction.

Additionally, the VS8-60 incorporates high performance mid and low frequency components: (2) 4 1/2″ midrange devices and (2) 8″ woofers for low frequency reproduction. A passive internal crossover transfers the required frequencies from the dual 4 1/2″ speakers to the 1″ horn and driver. The VS8-60 is a biamp system. The VS8-60 has a power handling capability of 325 watts program power; a system impedance of 16 ohms; a system sensitivity measured at 97 dB at 1w/1m; and an overall frequency response of 45hz to 20khz. The VS8-60 is designed to perform equally well as a stand-alone loudspeaker using an OAP specific external mounting bracket or arrayed with other VS8-Series products





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